Experienced instructors will teach fun methods of music education. NEW VOAT KIDS COURSE

I want to cultivate a rich emotional mind.
I like music and singing!
I want to make my debut in the future!
We teach lessons united with every child's level.
Lessons of experienced instructors from other countries.

Campaign of the Month!

  • 2021.08.01 ・Campaign of the Month!

    KIDS course ☆Great value Campaign!

    Now if 11000 yen entrance fee is free full.In addition, the first monthly fee is 50% off(Until August 15th)

School Information!

  • 2020.04.01 ・School Information!

    VOAT KIDS courses start in Harajuku, Nagoya, Fukuoka!
    Qualifying age:from 4-years old to sixth grader.You can happily take a lesson.